Future Trips

Here we list trips scheduled by the Desert Explorers for the near and distant future. Also listed are some trips that are organized and led by our members but which do not require membership in the Mojave River Valley Museum (MRVM) and are, therefore, not MRVM-sponsored Desert Explorer trips.

Some trips, such as those involving stays at private residences or visits to obscure rock art sites, are posted only in the Desert Explorers' Newsletter. Conversely, some impromptu trips will be posted here and not in the Newsletter.

All trip participants will be required to sign our waiver.

Scheduled Desert Explorer Trips

Trip descriptions are usually published in the newsletter at least one month before they are posted on this website.

All Desert Explorers trips require a four-wheel drive vehicle and a working CB unless otherwise specified by the trip leader.

We welcome newcomers, but IF THIS WILL BE YOUR FIRST TRIP, please talk with the trip leader about your vehicle, camping gear, and off-highway driving experience; you won't have a good time if you get stuck, cold, wet, or hungry! Also, please read the "fine print," which describes the rules we follow on our trips.

We now have a satellite telephone for use where conventional telephone or cell-phone service is not available. See the Satellite Telephone Policy. For each trip, the decision to bring the satellite telephone, and if it to be used only for emergencies, is made by the trip leader. Talk with the trip leader if the use of the satellite telephone is important to you.

East Mojave Heritage Trail #3

East Mojave Heritage Trail #3

Rocky Ridge to Fenner

Friday - Sunday, October 26-28

Leader: Nelson Miller

Meet Friday, October 26, at 11:00 a.m. at the Shell Station/DQ at the southwest end of Baker, 71808 Baker Blvd, Baker, CA 92309. 

This trip will focus on the side trips and sights to see along the way, rather than necessarily completing the entire route.  Total trip is about 200 miles with gas at Ludlow near the midpoint and Fenner at end of trip. Some of the sights may include petroglyphs, lava falls, Rocky Ridge (steep wagon descent), Sands (plank road), Crucero, Mesquite Springs, Desert Megaphone, T and T railroad, Broadwell Dry Lake, Ragtown, Bagdad-Chase & Onyx Mines, Kelso Dunes, Kelso Station, Vulcan Mine, and Providence Ghost Town.  Some of these sights may involve short hikes up to about a half mile.  You can purchase the Guidebook to the East Mojave Heritage Trail, Rocky Ridge to Fenner by Dennis Casebier from the Mojave River Valley Museum (Barstow) or the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association (at Goffs). If you are interested let me know and I will try to have some available on the trip.

We will dry camp Friday and Saturday nights.

Please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you think you are coming, so I have an idea of how many vehicles to plan for camping, or call me at 760.247.0984 with any questions. 

Redwoods Exploratory

Redwoods Exploratory

Fri-Sun – August 24-26

Leader: Nelson Miller

This will be an exploratory trip of the southern portion of the Sequoia National Monument in the southern Sierras, south of Sequoia National Park.  Meet at Springville Veterans Memorial Park, adjacent to Tulare County Fire Department Station, 35659 CA Highway 190, Springville, CA 93265, at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, August 24.  We will probably do dispersed camping in the National Forest Friday and Saturday nights, which would be dry with no facilities.  I will have a fire permit.  However, there are accommodations in Camp Nelson and Springville for those who would rather stay at a motel, lodge, or bed and breakfast.

There are 20 sequoia (redwood) groves in the southern portion of the Sequoia National Monument generally located along Forest Service dirt roads off of CA Highway 190.  The groves are typically located at 5-7,000 feet elevation, so it should be relatively cooler.  The groves are small, with 15 to 100+ redwoods in each grove.  I expect to explore several of the larger groves, including the Black Mountain Grove, the Belknap Complex (which includes three groves), the Freeman Creek Grove, and the Long Meadow Grove, as well as other groves and points of interest. We will end Sunday afternoon at the Trail of 100 Giants near the junction of CA Highway 190 and Mountain Highway 50 northeast of California Hot Springs.  These roads connect to California Hot Spring, Lake Isabella, and Sherman Pass.  I expect to take hikes in each of the larger groves of 1-2 miles.

Please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you think you are coming, so I have an idea of how many vehicles to plan for camping, or call me at 760-247-0984 with any questions.  You can also arrange to meet us Saturday morning.

Bristlecones, White Mountains & Chalfant Valley

Bristlecones, White Mtns & Chalfant Valley

Thursday-Saturday – August 16-18, 2018

Take off early Thursday from Big Pine to Wyman Canyon, the 'back way' to the ridge of the White Mountains and the Bristlecone Pines. Camp overnight and relax next day creekside in Cottonwood Basin. Early Saturday departure down Silver Creek Canyon to Chalfant Valley for a full day loop of rock art sites. Due to the Eastern Sierra location of this trip, we suggest adding it to the beginning or end of a longer vacation trip. 4WD high clearance vehicle and CB required. Expect HOT daytime temps 90-100¡ in the low altitudes and coolish 40-50¡ nights in the high altitudes. Additional info will be forthcoming in the August DE newsletter. Contact trip leader Jay Lawrence: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or cell 562-760-1999.

Desert Explorers General Meeting

Saturday, December 15, 2018

11:00 a.m. • Potluck lunch & Christmas Party

Allan & Ding Wicker's Home

Directions to Allan and Ding Wicker’s House

In Claremont go north on Indian Hill Blvd. past Foothill Blvd. At the third break in the median (counting from Foothill) turn left into the entrance to Griswold’s townhomes. You will see a set of three gates connected to an ivy-covered wall and tile-roofed townhomes.

From I-210 eastbound the closest exit is Towne Ave. Then south (right) on Towne to Foothill, (left) on Foothill to Indian Hill.

From the I-210 westbound get off at Baseline and go west on Baseline to Indian Hill Blvd. Turn left (south). Approach the northern-most gate at the entrance. Stop there, and at the keyboard punch 037  (there is a directory). That will ring Allan’s phone, and he will answer and open the gate from his phone.

Once the gate is open, pass through it turning right immediately. Then follow the street until the first left opportunity. Turn left and again left at the next opportunity. Park in any available parking area-not along the curb. The 1430 on the side of the house should be visible from the street.

Walk up the driveway, and follow the sidewalk to the house entrance. Desperation calls for assistance (909) 445-0082