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Desert Explorers - Future Trips

Future Trips

Here we list trips scheduled by the Desert Explorers for the near and distant future. Also listed are some trips that are organized and led by our members but which do not require membership in the Mojave River Valley Museum (MRVM) and are, therefore, not MRVM-sponsored Desert Explorer trips.

Some trips, such as those involving stays at private residences or visits to obscure rock art sites, are posted only in the Desert Explorers' Newsletter. Conversely, some impromptu trips will be posted here and not in the Newsletter.

All trip participants will be required to sign our waiver.

Scheduled Desert Explorer Trips

Trip descriptions are usually published in the newsletter at least one month before they are posted on this website.

All Desert Explorers trips require a four-wheel drive vehicle and a working CB unless otherwise specified by the trip leader.

We welcome newcomers, but IF THIS WILL BE YOUR FIRST TRIP, please talk with the trip leader about your vehicle, camping gear, and off-highway driving experience; you won't have a good time if you get stuck, cold, wet, or hungry! Also, please read the "fine print," which describes the rules we follow on our trips.

We now have a satellite telephone for use where conventional telephone or cell-phone service is not available. See the Satellite Telephone Policy. For each trip, the decision to bring the satellite telephone, and if it to be used only for emergencies, is made by the trip leader. Talk with the trip leader if the use of the satellite telephone is important to you.

Explore Nevada

Explore Nevada

October 23-27, 2017

Leaders: Bob & Sue Jaussaud

Nevada beckons again. We want to revisit some favorite spots and check out some new ones. We’ll start at Tonopah, NV and work our way north, crisscrossing the Monitor Valley. At Austin, NV our route will turn south, crisscrossing the Toiyabe Range. Time permitting, we’ll noodle through the Cedar and Pilot Mountains before beginning our journey home. Capable backroad vehicles only please. No large rigs. Let us know if you would like to join us and we will send more information as we refine the trip.

Spring Mountain Exploratory

Spring Mountain, Nevada - Exploratory

September 19-21, 2017

Leaders: Bob & Sue Jaussaud

We have marginal directions to a bunch of stuff in the lower Spring Mountains and adjacent areas. We hope to find lots of old mines, some rock art, springs and even a few cabins. This is an exploratory adventure and, as such, is limited to capable backroad vehicles. Please no large rigs. The weather may still be a bit warm, so our plan is to camp at 5000 foot or higher elevations. We are still working on our route, so let us know if you are interested and we will keep you updated.

Desert Explorers September Meeting

Saturday, September 9

11:00 a.m. • Potluck lunch

Marian & Neal Johns’ Home

Directions to Neal & Marian’s

Take I-15 Exit Sierra Ave. and proceed uphill, Northwest into the mountains following Lytle Creek Wash.

You will pass the Valero gas station (on your left) and shortly continue through a stoplight.

Go six and one fourth miles, passing the Ranger Station and two stores on the right and our two story house is on the left behind a black iron fence directly across the street from the white, modular Post Office.

If you get to cross street Valley Vista, you have gone 100 feet too far. Several friendly dogs will greet you but are confined behind fences.

Desperate calls for assistance:  (909) 887-1549.